Living in a Tipi tent down a hidden valley in the West-Algarve, Portugal.

“Everything feels pure, relaxed and home-ish at Tipi valley”


Last year May 2016 I visited this place for the first time – sleeping in a luxe, but letterly down to earth Tipi tent… I felt in love to be so close to nature! This year, 2017, I came back. I felt like a resident in the valley – totally at home. Wild flowers, fresh veggies in the garden and mind calming views. The sound of the birds during the day – and especially when the sun rises – is indescribable. Every morning I opened my eyes and I were stoked with the new day that began. Surfing, yoga, happy people around me – including greaaat staff – healthy food and lovely sunsets. The authentic town of Aljezur and 3-world class surf spots are nearby Tipi Valley. So yes yes, every day was filled with surfing and exploring the cute small streets as well. The mix of the calm Tipi life and the more active beach life made me super fulfilled.

The experience at Tipi Valley is not something what I can describe in a text, it’s something special, it makes me smile and calm. I didn’t want to leave this place, but when something is captured in your heart – it’s there forever, so it’s not truly leaving. That’s the cool thing of memories. Let’s make new memories out of my dreams. Time for a new adventure!

If you would like to get more information about staying at Tipi Valley – don’t hesitate to contact me : )


Pictures: Rob Wilkinson


Pictures: Anouk van Haaster


Giulia Cerri





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